Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still Sitting on the Fence about Going Mobile?

In my last post, "Hey the 1990s called and they want their website back!" I mentioned that one of the key elements you should consider for a successful web site is mobile capability.

Courtesy of Campus in Community
Well, if you are still sitting on the fence about mobile, check out what specialty basket retailer did and found an extra $3,000 in sales in her story from Internet Retailer magazine.

Mobile capability wasn't a top priority for BasketLady, but "when Katch’s e-commerce platform provider, CoreCommerce, part of Sum Effect Software Inc., offered to help her create an m-commerce site for free and with little to no work on her end, she figured, why not?"

If you are still not convinced, did you know that global e-commerce sales are growing more than 19% per year and that 20% of email sent by retailers is now opened on a mobile device?*

Mobile is not something to ignore anymore as an up and coming marketing channel.

*Sources - Goldman Sachs and Knotice, respectively from Internet Retailer magazine.